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The data centre sector is in a constant process of evolution, focused on achieving greater energy efficiency and sustainability.
Digitalization is unstoppable and this will increase the demand for MW to meet global needs. But this increase in power is not equivalent to a parallel increase in energy consumption by Data Centers.
Digitalization is unstoppable, but it must go hand by hand with a proper decarbonization.
Ricardo Abad, Managing Director of Quark, has analysed for Cinco Días his vision of the data centre industry in Spain for the coming years.
The Council of Ministers has given the go-ahead to the conclusion of the works contract for the new headquarters of the Data Processing Centre for the GISS.
Ricardo Abad, Managing Director of Quark, participated in the round table organised by the digital media D+I. The event brought together experts from different leading companies in the sector to analyse the future of the data centre sector in Spain.
Quark, a company specialising in the design of Data Centres, will collaborate with Thor Digital in the construction of what will be the LARGEST DATA CENTER CAMPUS IN SPAIN, the investment fund's first data centre in Spain, and which will cost 600 million euros.
Quark, an engineering and design company specialising in data centres, has this week signed the contract formalising the award of the design and project management of the new data centre for the Axencia para a Modernización Tecnolóxica de Galicia, a body belonging to the Xunta de Galicia.
The engineering and design company specialising in data centres, Quark, has been awarded the contract to carry out the design of the new CPD for the Social Security IT Management, which will begin to be built this year in Soria and represents a new project for the company for the Public Administration.

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