Social Policy

At Quark we want to actively contribute to improving society, defending the values of equality, respect and integration. Talent is diverse and does not understand gender, sexual orientation, race or economic position. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy aims to create value in the company through innovation, sustainability, personal development and equal opportunities.

Innovation and quality

We seek to provide solutions to society through continuous improvement of our efficiency and commitment. To build loyalty among our staff and clients with policies that provide quality service, certainty in our processes and security in our results.

Social and sustainable support

We work to ensure that our activities have a positive impact on society, the environment and the historical and artistic heritage of the areas where they are carried out.


Our model of work and coexistence is based on three main values: respect for diversity, equal opportunities and non-discrimination.


We focus on the professional and personal development of the people who make up our company, where respect for legality, ethical integrity and respect for human rights are paramount.




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