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Our architects create functional buildings, designed to house industrial facilities. We prioritise ease of use and operability, but without ever compromising on aesthetics, originality, sustainability and integration with the environment.

Quark is a benchmark in the Data Centre sector in terms of the quality of its designs and the care and attention to detail, both in exteriors and interiors, combining aesthetics with the practicality of the solutions, the use of natural resources to reduce the building's energy consumption and improve the comfort of its occupants.

We have our own team of architects who are highly experienced in the global realisation of Data Centres. This specialisation allows us to immediately coordinate with the MEP teams in the development of the design and functionality of the building; Due Diligence of plots of land, development of Master Plans, conceptual and licensing projects, as well as RIBA STAGE Construction Management Projects (RIBA 5 to RIBA 6).

More than 250,000 m2 IT room

Sustainable buildings integrated into the environment.

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