Corporate Social Responsibility

Quark, committed to ESG values

Quark is the leading company in the design and construction management of data centres in Spain, a key sector in the development and digital transformation of a country.

We believe in the importance of caring for the environment, supporting society and valuing ethics, integrity and professionalism as values that identify our company. That is why we have developed various initiatives that pursue these objectives and are integrated into an ambitious ESG (Environment, Society and Good Governance) plan.

Our environmental policy has a clear commitment to reducing impacts and caring for the environment through the efficient use of resources. Quark's designs feature the latest advances in sustainability and aim to achieve emissions neutrality by 2030.

On a social level, Quark is a staunch defender of the values of equality, integration and respect for diversity among all its staff, implementing measures that guarantee full inclusion, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. At the same time, we focus on the professional and personal development of our employees and on the reputation of a company where respect for legality, ethics and the defence of human rights are paramount.

Finally, we have developed an ambitious Good Governance strategy to guide every decision we make as a company. Through a Quality Plan and a Code of Ethics we want to guarantee the integrity of our professionals, transparency in our decisions and maximum commitment to exemplary business conduct.




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