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Our team of highly specialised engineers designs innovative and efficient solutions, always with the highest standards and quality, Quark's hallmark.

We have the ability to quickly understand our clients' needs and the objectives pursued in each of the projects we undertake, in terms of economics, quality, deadlines and safety.

We can integrate into a team where there are other players, such as Consultants, Project Managers, Architects, Construction Companies or Integrators to provide added value in the area required, in order to optimise the final result.

We like to help our clients to have secure, sustainable and efficient Data Centres. To do this, we maintain fluid communication with them, from the beginning of the project, taking care of every detail, every nuance, with the passion that characterises us, forming a united team with a common goal.

+ de 350 MW

of IT power designed by Quark.

Specialised engineering tailored to each project

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