Quark, awarded the contract for the design of the new Social Security data centre in Soria

The engineering and design company specialising in data centres, Quark, has been awarded the contract to carry out the design of the new CPD for the Social Security IT Management, which will begin to be built this year in Soria and represents a new project for the company for the Public Administration.

Specifically, Quark will be in charge of the Drafting Service for the Basic and Execution Projects, the Activity Project, the Project Management and the Health and Safety Study, as well as the Health and Safety coordination during the execution phase of the construction works.

On a technical level, this data centre will be Tier III certifiable by the Uptime Institute and will use highly energy-efficient solutions, reaching at least a PUE of 1.25 and with an estimated useful life of 25 years.

The construction will be carried out on a 37,000 square metre plot of land that has been ceded by the Soria City Council. This location has an optimum climate and allows the low temperatures of the outside air to be used to cool the complex, without the need for electricity consumption. In addition, there are no external installations, elements or agents in the area that could alter or interrupt the normal operation of the data centre.

This project, which was announced at the time by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, is part of the government's initiative to relocate different types of public facilities and is a test bench for the construction of similar infrastructures in different parts of the country.

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