Ricardo Abad: “More and more clients are prioritising sustainability over profitability”

Ricardo Abad, Managing Director of Quark, company specialised in the design and management of data centres, participated in the breakfast, “Sustainability in Data Centres”, organised by CompromisoRSE and Schneider Electric at the Westin Palace Hotel.

During the meeting Abad highlighted the importance of implementing more efficient measures in the construction of data centres. In this sense, Quark is undertaking sustainable initiatives with constructions such as its latest project, which will be the first data centre in Spain with BREEAM sustainable construction certification. In addition, in order to reduce its environmental impact, the company uses the remains of the client's own infrastructures and mixes more efficient materials such as concrete and cement.

“More and more customers are becoming environmentally conscious and are demanding sustainable and innovative solutions from us, even if it is not the most economically profitable option. In this aspect, Quark is positioning itself as a leading company in meeting the needs of its customers by offering initiatives aligned with their sustainable policies”.

Energy efficiency continues to be a challenge for the data centre industry. Faced with this issue, the company is committed to the circular economy, the off-grid with data centres that are totally autonomous in terms of energy, and the hybridisation of renewable technology, which would mean a grid autonomy of up to 75%.

Data centres are on their way to becoming a key element in improving society's energy efficiency. With the power they have contracted but are not using, a data centre can dump that power into the grid in the event of an emergency, blackout or critical need. In addition, their proximity to large population centres allows companies' data processing infrastructures to be centralised, thereby reducing their environmental impact.

Last but not least, these infrastructures play an important role in the advancement of digitalisation, an unstoppable process of which we have barely reached 30% of its potential.

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