Quark has given a surprise with two finalist projects in diverse categories: Enagas at Innovation in the Micro Data Center and Portugal Telecom at Green Data Center. These are two very different projects as the first one is a small size but of paramount importance project for our client Enagas, for which Quark as Engineering Consultants proposed a combination between a trigeneration system and an indirect free cooling system. On the other hand Enagas’ systems department addressed an ambitious consolidation and virtualization project thus achieving a cascade effect in the reduction of energy consumption. As for PT it is very well known by everybody being what we call a “flagship” project representing a country’s technological capacity for which it has been taken care down to the last detail in the scope of a mega data center

These two nominations allow us to state that the award for the 2010 Walhalla project was not the result of coincidence and that the quality of our designs is very high regardless of their size, thanks to using new technologies we are constantly developing. Finally it consolidates Quark as a main actor within the elite as trending and innovation makers.

Right now it only remains to work on defending the projects before the final stage jury; to do so we are hardly working along these days. Let’s hope we are lucky. In any case what we have achieved is for us a very important recognition. Hopefully we’ll not return empty-handed.

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